Past projects

Since 2000, the KVRP has been supporting the people of the Remexio district on various projects. Here are some examples:

  • In the early post-destruction days, providing material aid, such as soccer boots and uniforms; a milling chain saw; 64 cartons of new paper for use in schools
  • Provision of sewing machines and fabric and the setting up of a sewing centre
    a collection of musical instruments (principally violins and guitars)
  • Supply of a 4WD vehicle
  • Tetum readers (part of the the Mary Mackillop East Timor’s literacy program);
  • Ten small loudspeakers for the Remexio church
  • The Kangaroo Valley Friendship Quilt
  • Reconstructing a ruined building in Remexio for use as a tourist guest house (Uma Tourismo)
  • Resurfacing two volleyball courts in Asu Mau
  • Supplying maternity kits to the birthing centre in Asu Mau the main village in Remexio.
  • Musical instruments to various villages in Remexio
  • The Village Lighting Project.
  • Installing a large Solar system on school roof in Tuletequeo
  • Establishing common fund schemes
  • Constructing volleyball court and supplying sport uniforms and materials for young people in Suko Luirai