The Trek

General Information and Safety Considerations 

The full walk covers 50 km while the shorter options take in different parts of this route, the 14km route ends at  Fitzroy Falls and the 36km route ends at Jack’s Corner.  The track varies from 6 metre wide road to narrow walking tracks and has a number of ascents and descents as described in the description of the route.   Some of the potential hazards and precautions of which walkers should be aware are:

  • Be prepared for highly variable weather conditions because of time of year (early Spring), so watch weather forecast and dress appropriately and carry water, small first aid kit (at least one in each group) and snacks .
  • Falling branches, branches across track and overhanging branches on some sections of walking track, so eye protection should be considered.
  • Uneven track surface and loose stones on steep sections, and steps, so wear sturdy walking shoes.
  • Track junctions that may confuse participants. These will be marked to indicate direction of the walk.
  • Possible ticks and leeches if conditions are warm and damp, so bring repellant and check shoes and lower legs regularly.
  • Basking snakes if warm and sunny, so particularly examine far sides of logs/rocks before climbing over them. Include pressure bandage in first aid kit
  • Latter sections to be walked at night, so could expect low temperatures. Wear warm clothing if walking at night and bring torch/headlamp.
  • Light traffic on public roads/trails. Walk in the road verge facing oncoming traffic on vehicular tracks and roads. Volunteers will be located on public roads to advise walkers and direct walkers across roads.
  • Possibility of Yarrunga Creek being too high to cross, in which case walk may be terminated at Meryla Pass or Fitzroy Falls
  • At least one person in a group should carry a mobile phone, though many sections of the walk have unreliable or no reception.

All Checkpoints, except Meryla Pass ( which has no car access) are accessible by two wheel drive vehicle. Parking is available at the beginning of the Trek and they will have refreshments and toilets, while Fitzroy Falls and Glengarry also have enclosed shelters if needed.  St Johns Ambulance will be located at two of the checkpoints.

Learn more about our Checkpoint Facilities.